Custom Homes

Epic Homes has many options for you when deciding to build a custom home. But when is a custom home not a custom home? Here are three types of homes that may be described as “custom”. Which are you looking to build?

Custom Homes

The true definition of a custom-built home is one that is designed and built entirely according to the homebuyer’s vision. Architects and builders work together to design and construct a home that is unique. Rather than build model or spec homes, these custom home contractors sell the idea of a dream home, as they do not normally construct two homes that are exactly alike. This is what Epic Homes specializes in. We are true custom home builders. This kind of custom home building is the most expensive option of all and one should expect construction to take many months.

Semi-Custom Homes

Semi-custom homes generally being with a basic floor plan presented by the builder, which is then altered and reworked to incorporate some of the homebuyer’s own vision. Semi-custom homes are a great alternative for the homebuyer who wants a home that reflects them but does not want to go through the hassle and expense of having an architect draw up home plans from scratch.

Production Homes

These days many advertisements use the phrase “custom” liberally throughout their marketing campaigns, tract housing cannot really be defined as an example of a custom-built home. Tract homebuilders are usually about high volume production of standardized homes. Generally, they have a set of standardized floor plans that they build from which can only be tweaked a little by the homebuyer before construction begins.