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Joe Gilmore

I am writing this letter to share my knowledge of Ms. Nettles capabilities as a home builder that I have witnessed firsthand. I met Ms. Nettles three years ago at an open house event that was an avenue to share the benefits and allow builders to experience how a properly built green home performs and the process to build green.

Since our meeting, Ms. Nettles and I have erected 4 homes all exceed code requirements and worthy of being certified green. Currently, the homes are submitted under The Local Green Program is known as Chip and ANSI Green Standard for the Program. All homes are inspected by a certified Rater/ verifier as the home is constructed. Foundation, Framing, Rough in Bypass and Final inspection before closing which includes blower door and duct blasting to ensure leakage rates for the home and ductwork meet the program specified allowable leakage values. The Programs are all above code programs so the homes always are being constructed to a higher standard, and the HERS rating scores are averaging the mid 50’s. This is a testimonial to the quality of construction and can be accomplished with proper knowledge and building a quality knowledgeable team.

Given Ms. Nettles determination to build the best homes at the best price I have great confidence in her ability to produce high-quality high performance homes.

Linda L. – Chapin, SC 29036

I have been in my house a little over three years and love it. Jenny has always been quick to respond to my issues. Building a house is like growing in life. Takes patience but the outcome is beautiful.

Mark Bostic

My name is Mark Bostic, owner of Square One Design Service. Member AIBD. I have Been Drawing homes in the Columbia area for over twenty-five years. I’ve seen a lot of builders come and a lot of builders go.

I’ve been drawing plans for Jenny for a couple of years now and have seen her develop into more than a competent builder. She has gained expertise in getting her customers through design, purchase, financing, and construction of homes in one of the toughest segments of the market, entry-level custom homes. She has tried to learn her trade properly and has excelled on the Green Building front. She delivers certified high-performance homes that conform to standards above the standard building code. Her homes have been individually inspected, certified, and blower door tested by an independent third party.

Every builder needs to develop through the learning curve. Jenny has done that, taking many of the courses offered by our local High-Performance Building Council, and out local Building Industry Association (formerly BIA).

Jenny is the face of the twenty-first century building professional, helping by taking a leadership role in our High-Performance Building Council, and our local BIA.

Steve P. – Lexington, SC 29073

Jenny took us through the planning and construction of our home in 2011. Jenny was professional, responsive in a timely manner, and a pleasure to work with. She helped us in many ways with design selection and modifications–with good suggestions but always honoring our preferences. Jenny and the contractor managing the construction oversaw that process very well; advice saved us money and contributed to our high satisfaction with our completed home. Once we had sold our former home and gave Jenny the green light to start construction, they moved quickly and efficiently to get us in our home in the shortest possible time. We highly recommend Jenny.

Robert E. & Ethel B. Marshall

We first met Jennifer Gerben Nettles, purely by happenstance, in September of 2010. We were seeking home builders in South Carolina. A google search listed several companies that matched our search parameters. After speaking with all the companies by telephone, we chose Epic Homes because they sound the friendliest, and they also agreed to see us on a Saturday. That is the happenstance that led us to Jennifer. Our initial impression was that she was engaging, personable, professional, and competent. As we began to work with her, we realized that she was so much more than our initial assessment.

Ms. Nettles is extremely competent and knowledgeable in her field and has a mind that organizes in a sequential way that keeps her client’s projects orderly. She has a fundamentally sound understanding of the “nuts and bolts” of building construction and has the ability to demystify processes to make them comprehensible to the average layperson. One gets the sense that Jennifer intuitively understands that a person who comes to her to build a house is building more than a material structure.

She seems to understand she has been entrusted with that person’s symbolic hopes and dreams. She strives to make the material manifestation of the dream more esthetically appealing, more functional, and more livable than the holder of the dream imagined. She accomplishes this by listening to her clients expressed wishes for the structure and taking the client through each detail of the house plan and pointing out how a “tweak” here and a “tuck” there would more pleasing or functional. She is also able to put the homeowner’s ideas about a design on paper to make it come to life for the owner. Jennifer has one other admirable quality that places her above average, and that is the ability to anticipate her client’s needs and desires. We never expressed to her our wish that much of the hidden space in the attic of the house we are building could be used for storage.

When we had the first walk-through after framing of the house was completed, she showed us her plan for making that space more usable by covering the areas with decking and installing a few “smurf” doors at various locations in the attic. We felt like she had read our minds; we were thinking about exactly what she had devised. Jennifer has been a godsend to us. We are first time home builders who live in Virginia and are building a house in South Carolina that will become our primary residence upon completion. This scenario in and of itself could be rife with frustration and conflict; however, Ms. Nettles has made this process pleasurable for us.

She has been so amenable to meeting with us on weekends, thinks nothing of loading her SUV with samples of flooring, counter tiles, drawer and cabinet door knobs and pulls, paint chips, cabinet doors, and other minutiae that go into building a house, and driving 60-70 miles to meet with us for us to make our selection. We have come to rely on her expert advice and counsel in guiding us through this journey of house building. We trust her implicitly and unreservedly; we truly free that we are in very capable, competent, and caring hands.

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