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What is Green Home Building Science?

Epic Homes sets a new industry standard on each home we build. Every home built includes Certification in the Certified High Performance (CHiP) home program. in addition, it is then inspected, tested, and scored by an independent third party Certified Energy Rater that works for the homeowner. Our homes are constructed virtually in the the planning stages to predict performance before any construction takes place on the property. To ensure our predictions are met, each home is inspected by the Rater during various stages of construction and finally test to confirm it’s performance. Test scores are recorded and all homeowners are provided with results and HERS score. You can build an efficient home at an affordable price. Let us show you how!

Sustainable building takes most of us back to the classroom for a refresher on the physical properties of energy, air, and water. Green building practices, as well the selection of the appropriate building materials, revolve around a few basic principles of science. Science is what sustainable building relies on, principles that once understood can guide you every step of the way, including:
– A house is a system of interrelated parts
– Energy loses some of its potential each time it is converted from one form to another, which explains why passive solar heat is much more efficient than electric heat
– Form follows function when it comes to design, meaning that construction should be tailored to the environment in which the house is built.
– Air leaks in the building envelope represent a significant loss of energy and open the door to moisture damage inside wall and ceiling cavities.
– Controlling the movement of heat, air, and moisture involves every part of the building and everyone on the building team

If you would like to learn more about Green Building Science give us a call today at 803-900-EPIC , your Lexington SC Custom Home Builders.

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